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Refurbished Portable Cabins & Containers


Refurbished Portable Cabins will deliver or relocate your portable cabin or building to any location you desire within the UK. We operate our portable cabin relocation services nationwide, handling every detail from start to finish.
The portable cabins we sell require very little maintenance, durable enough to last long-term, and very affordable. They are attractive looking and can blend in with your surroundings. Once delivered, we can have your portable cabin or building ready for use within a short time.
We have many years of experience buying, refurbishing, selling, transporting and installing all types, sizes and configurations of portable cabins, buildings and containers.

Relocating Portable Cabins & Buildings

There are times when changes in how a business operates require the relocation of one or more portable cabins and/or portable buildings. The business may be expanding on the site where they currently exist, but need to change the layout of their buildings. The buildings would need to be disassembled, moved and put back together on the same site. Or they might need to be moved to a new location where the existing portable buildings would need to be dismantled before being moved and reassembled again.

Full Scope of Relocation Services

Refurbished Portable Cabins can take care of everything involved in the relocation of your portable cabins or buildings, including disassembling and transporting your buildings from where they are now to the new location. We can perform site clearance and any excavation work before laying the foundation, make provisions for drainage/ducting as well as other services needed at the new site. Using our fleet of Hiab transport vehicles, we will transport, deliver, position and completely install your portable cabin or building on the new site. In doing this we will ensure that all the service connections are in place, connect everything up and test everything to make sure they all work. We will handle all the arrangements from beginning to end. If you need stairs and/or disabled ramps, we can provide those as well according to your needs.
Our well-trained professional team has years of experience in dismantling, relocating and the reassembling of portable cabins and modular buildings. We can handle anything from basic single-storey units all the way up to complex multi-storey buildings. Our team can provide a risk assessment and method statement RAMS, if necessary, to ensure that all health and safety rules and requirements will be complied with.

Installation Services Provided

If you have a new portable cabin that you’ve just bought, or if you are planning to add more workspace at your business using a portable cabin or building, we provide a comprehensive range of services handling everything from start to finish, which includes:

• Build foundation: We will set your foundation to meet all your requirements.

• Transportation: Our fleet of Hiab transport vehicles will be used to move your units.

• Installation with our Hiab truck mounted cranes: Our highly trained professionals, in compliance with all health and safety rules and regulations, will handle all aspects of the installation.

Refurbished Portable Cabins moves and configures all brands of portable cabins, buildings and containers, offering a full range of specialised relocation services as well as all services required on the site. We are committed to providing top-quality services at an affordable price.


Do you need your portable cabin, building or container relocated? We offer a full range of relocation services, as follows:

• We will provide any needed RAMS risk assessment and methods statement RAMS.

• We will fully brief and make sure our onsite team is fully prepared before starting any project.

• To prepare portable cabins or buildings for removal, we will fully strip them before we start disassembling them.

• Our highly trained team will load the cabin or building onto our Hiab transport vehicle using the crane mounted on top.

• Once the cabin or building is delivered to the new site, our team will reassemble and fully install it at the new location.

• We will make arrangements for the electricity, gas and water to be connected and turned on, as well as the fire/smoke detectors, IT and any security system.

Once we have possession of your portable cabin or building, our professional fitters will take great care in dismantling it into sections for transport. Our Hiab transport vehicle is equipped with everything it needs to handle the craneage, from simple lifts to very complex systems, because we are often required to crane buildings up high over other buildings, etc.

After we transport your cabin or building and safely place it in position, our skilled fitters will very carefully refit all covers, facias and seals so that everything is finished perfectly.

Interior Options for Portable Cabins

Refurbished Portable Cabins offers a range of designs that come standard, or we can create a custom design to meet your needs. Our cabins have been designed so that units can be joined together, which means you can add on to your cabin when you need more space, or when you can afford more.

Please contact us to learn more about all the site services we offer, as well as our relocation services for portable cabins and buildings

Our Services

Find a Pre-Owned Portable Cabin or Container Refurbished to Fit Your Needs

We have a wide selection of used cabins, containers, buildings available that can be utilized as office space, meeting rooms, call centres, sales and marketing suites, nurseries, kitchens, classrooms, toilet and shower blocks, canteens, construction and security offices, storage units, antivandal, welfare units, secure storage containers, onsite and much more. By choosing a refurbished used unit you will have a building that is durable enough to last long-term at a cost-effective price. Our used containers and buildings will be delivered from our central North West Manchester depot.

2nd hand Shower Blocks Cabins For Sale; Selling - we also buy used unwanted units as well as transport & removal services

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• We offer a wide range of both used and reconditioned portable cabins and containers to suit various price ranges and budgets.
• We offer delivery transport throughout the UK.
• We can customize your chosen used cabin depending on your personal requirements.