Refurbished Portable Cabins

Refurbished Portable Cabins & Containers : Your Questions Answered


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that prospective customers ask us about the portable cabins, buildings and containers we sell.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, just give us a call at 0330 107 3400 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Q: Can you explain what a portable cabin is exactly?
A portable cabin is a portable building that is self-contained and rectangular in shape. They come in a variety of sizes that range from 3.6m x 4m (12 ft. x 8 ft.) to 14.6m x 3.6m (48 ft. x 12 ft.).

Q: Can you describe for me what a jack legged cabin is?
A jack legged cabin is essentially no different than a portable cabin because the term “jack legged” simply refers to its four adjustable legs made of steel.

Q. How would you define a modular building?
A modular building is delivered to the site in separate sections or modules. These modules are joined together to create one single building. This configuration can offer a much larger open space than you would get with a portable cabin.

Q: What would the difference in price be between a portable or jack legged cabin and a modular building?
Modular buildings require a lot more work on the site before they can be installed. They need cranage, a foundation built, proper drainage, etc. and this is expensive. In the pre-owned market, they tend to get a much higher price when compared to portable cabins.

Q: How old are the portable cabins and containers you have for sale?
Most of the pre-owned refurbished portable cabins, containers and buildings we sell do not show the year they were manufactured on them. We refurbish the used portable cabins and buildings we buy so they are in top-quality condition when we offer them for sale.

Q: Can you refurbish my existing portable cabin?
Yes, we can provide a quote, collect your existing building, transport it to our workshop, refurbish to your specifications then install when completed. Q: Can I order a refurbished portable cabin from you to my exact specifications?
Generally speaking, “yes.” Each portable building has certain constraints, but we can join and configure them in many different ways. We have supplied a wide variety of portable cabins to satisfied customers all across the UK.

Q: What is involved in “refurbishing” a portable cabin or container?
Used cabins or containers we buy are put through a very rigorous process in our workshop. When the customer gives us precise specifications, we will match these with buildings we have in stock that can be further refurbished to meet those requirements. This additional custom work would naturally add to the price.

Q: Do you have any standard exclusions or items hidden in small print?
We make every attempt to be forthcoming about what we can and cannot do and the same applies to everything that is and isn’t included in our quoted prices.

Q: Do you rent out or lease portable cabins, buildings and containers?
No, we only sell these units.

Q: Do you purchase both new and pre-owned portable cabins, buildings and containers?
Yes we do. If you own a portable cabin, building or container that you are not using and want to sell it, please contact us today so that we can discuss buying it from you.

Q: Can you transport and relocate portable cabins and containers?
Yes, we operate our own fleet of Hiab lorry mounted cranes and specialise in transporting and relocating portable buildings.

To learn more about all the portable cabins we offer, or to explain your needs, please contact us today.

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We have a wide selection of used cabins, containers, buildings available that can be utilized as office space, meeting rooms, call centres, sales and marketing suites, nurseries, kitchens, classrooms, toilet and shower blocks, canteens, construction and security offices, storage units, antivandal, welfare units, secure storage containers, onsite and much more. By choosing a refurbished used unit you will have a building that is durable enough to last long-term at a cost-effective price. Our used containers and buildings will be delivered from our central North West Manchester depot.

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